Glenwood Alternative Program

Welcome to Glenwood Alternative Program!

The Glenwood Alternative Program is offered through the Glenwood Community Schools. The policies outlined in this handbook are enforced in conjunction with the policies outlined in the Glenwood High School handbook. We are a dropout prevention program. Our main strategies for prevention include: credit recovery, counseling, self-paced classes, work placement, flexible scheduling, and community connections. The GAP environment will be a combination of direct and virtual instruction.  

The dedicated staff of the Glenwood Alternative Program has an overall goal of helping each individual student become successful in achieving self-respect, responsibility, and the necessary skills to live in our society.


The Glenwood Alternative Program is provided by the Glenwood Community School District.  It is intended that every student that comes here has the goal of graduating from the Glenwood Community School District.  If a student is not making sufficient progress toward that goal, administrators and faculty will review possible options in order to help students further their education.


The situations and circumstances not covered in this handbook are left to the discretion of the GAP staff and school administrators.

Alternative Program Handbook


Contact Information
Administrator:  Mrs. Cindy Menendez
Lead Teachers:
Mrs. Ruth StirewaltMrs. Liz Sutherland and Mrs. Lori Burton
Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Mary Beth Day
Phone:  712-527-3034

Address:  400 Sivers Road
Glenwood, IA  51534
Fax:  712-302-9234